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Stewart PA, Luks J, Roycik MD, Sang QX, Zhang J. Differentially expressed transcripts anddysregulated signaling pathways and networks in african american cancer. PLoS One. 2013 Dec 4;812:e82460. doi:10. 1371/journal. pone. 0215846. Sharon Oosthoek is a freelance science journalist. She likes to write about animals and their habitats. Sharon also really likes chocolate.

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However, the way that you create your content can go a long way in reducing this impact. Implementing these accessibility considerations will also help your content be more accessibile on mobile devices. Follow these considerations as you create online course materials to ensure inclusive learning experiences:Additionally, please consider asking your students to fill out a brief Student Technology Access survey. This is an insightful way to gain knowledge on your students' needs during this time. We have provided survey distribution directions to guide you through. We have created a Student Technology Access Survey guide to help you get started in sharing the survey and interpreting the results.

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I consider it to be wp:OR, and not appropriate. I replaced the image with a different one that coincidentally is a better image also. Atom talk 22:50, 31 March 2010 UTCWell, first I did not do not see any existing consensus on that image. Second, the image I put in is of higher quality, more descriptive of the topic and apparently does not have any Other than the issue that we do not desire self portraits on sexuality articles which apparently is not a concern for you, but is for other sexology and sexuality editors. I explained my rationale on the OR issue, I don't need to explain why I was accurate all over again. I get that you don't agree. You are entitled to your opinion too. I apologize if it seemed disruptive, that was not my intention. Self portraits on sexuality articles are not desirable. Other than the desire to not encourage a flood of self portrait contributions to the many sexuality articles, their is the issue that when someone has their own image on an article they tend towards wp:own and can lose objectivity over what is the best image for the article. You are correct that the Autofellatio article should have an image of Autofellatio.

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