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Sometimes it is hard for organizations to find candidates with specific technical or specialized skills. Most of the time, the only solution is to find passive candidates who are working elsewhere or not actively look for a job. Finding and reaching passive candidates is not always possible through traditional recruitment channels. Employers need a different approach and reach such prospects through recruiting agencies. Recruiting agencies are in touch with employed professionals who are interested in better opportunities and can quietly reach such prospects. Such candidates do not check internet job boards regularly and might never know about job opportunity unless someone tells them. It is just not enough to select a candidate with right skills and work experience; the candidate should fit into the organization culture. Cultural fit is an important trait in recruiting. It is necessary to consider organizational culture and see whether the candidate can sync with the culture. The recruiting agency can take a third party view of the organizational culture and assess which prospective candidates can swim or drown in the corporate culture. A strong employer brand has become a necessity in the corporate world, as it helps attract top talent.

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He said: Christmas is a time for giving back. Strokes can affect anyone and almost everyone knows someone who has been affected so putting on lunch for The Stroke Project which does such valuable work in assisting survivors and organising social events, seemed the perfect way to do it. Stroke Project manager Laura Prikken said: It can be difficult to lead a normal life after a stroke. Many people are disabled and may be living on their own. Having the opportunity to get out and socialise with other survivors is crucial to their well being and recovery. The meal was part of Heinekens Brewing Good Cheer Campaign, which encourages pubs across the UK to bring those in socially isolated situations together by hosting free lunches. To find out more about the campaign see: rewingGoodCheerAn Old Street wall has been painted in order to pack a punch. Street artist Ben Eine, known for painting large letters bearing simple messages, has unveiled a new piece of work in Old Street, saying: STOP KNIFE CRIME. The mural is near where Tom Louis Easton, 22, was stabbed to death in 2006. Toms mother, Dolores Altaras, and his family founded the Tom Easton Flavasum Trust in 2007 aiming to steer young people away from knife crime by supporting projects that use the arts. Ben, who lives in Hastings and is known for his murals around the East End, agreed to paint the message on the 70x8ft wall for the Flavasum Trust for no fee.

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Because Gel Wax is mainly composed of oil you have to make sure that the fragrance oils that you are using are soluble in it. It feels just like a purchased gel plate. 1 8 tsp. I me some gelatin gel But you use a whole package of gelatin I use 1 tsp to 1 c water lol. Lets us see the ingredients and tools required to start with making gel candles at home. You need to make the gelatin in order to do that mix 2 1 2 parts water to 1 part gelatin. After an hour on the stove the mixture will become thick. Lastly carrageenan although is tolerant to tannins is a pain in the a 5. For a firmer or less sweetened gel use a quot low sugar quot variety which is a more concentrated form of regular pectin. g. Quickly pour the hot liquid gelatin over the essential oil and food coloring.

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How fast it gets here depends on the magnitude of the burst, and the faster it goes, the greater the danger. However, not all ejections actually hit the earth. Hesse estimates about one in ten flare ejections impact the earth. The ejection from yesterdays flare will apparently miss. If a corona ejection is powerful enough, and the earth is in its path, look out. Satellites are the most threatened, for obvious reasons, and a serious flare could damage or even destroy them, Hesse says. For regular people, that could mean no GPS, no satellite TV or radio, and disrupted communications for anything that relies on satellites as part of its network. The consequences to businesses can be even more severe, as satellites and GPS are intertwined with many other industries. For example, companies use GPS to time stamp financial transactions. Satellites can get irradiated, Hesse explains. Radiation levels in the magnetosphere can increase substantially, and that can be harmful to satellites.

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