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Leytes. Pamyati M. A. Krolya // Evreyskiy mir : Anthology 2 henceforth EM 2 . New York: Soyuz russkikh evreyev v Nyu Yorke , 1944, p. 408 411. M. Krol. Natsionalizm i assimilyatsiya v evreyskoy istorii // EM 1 , p. 188 189. James Parkes.

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6. Dozens gathered shoulder to shoulder on the street outside, men in hats and women in shawls or head coverings, nearly everyone in black. The sound of wailing filled the street as the two black draped coffins were carried from a vehicle. After the funeral began, a speaker sobbed uncontrollably, his voice choked with grief and echoing over loudspeakers set up outside. "I've never seen a mother son relationship like this," said Sara Glauber. "He called her every day to make sure everything was OK. He was the sweetest, most charming human being, always with a smile on his face. "Even if the Supreme Court agrees with President Obama's brief arguing?that California's Prop. 8 is unconstitutional,?that doesn't mean there will be a nationwide right for gays to marry. President Obama speaks to reporters in the White House briefing room on Friday. The president took questions about the amicus brief the White House filed with the US Supreme Court, which argues that California?s Proposition 8, which bans marriage, is unconstitutional.

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Likelihood of coastal floodingk. Air pollutionMost of Texasa. Nuclear plant 2 90 mi SW of Houstonb. Hydrofracking throughout the statec. Extreme droughtd. Tornados frequent in northern and eastern part of TX i. High temperaturesAlabamaa. Nuclear plant 3 32 mi W of Huntsville a. Nuclear plant 2 18 mi SE of Dothanb. Hydrofracking in northern half of state c. Severe drought in southern half of state d.

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Soon after his arrest around noon, he was taken to the Government Royapettah General Hospital where he was thoroughly examined by doctors at the request of the investigating officer. A heavy posse of police cordoned off the entire the hospital. Nearly three hours later, he was taken to the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital where cardiologists examined him. A senior doctor at the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital said Mr. Pachamuthu had been referred to the hospital from the Government Royapettah Hospital for an opinion, with a history of chest pain and an angiogram report. He was not admitted. He was taken to the CCU of the cardiology department where he underwent investigations including an ECG, echo test and a treadmill test. All tests results were found to be normal and he was sent back to Government Royapettah Hospital, she said. Again, Mr. Pachamuthu was taken back to the Government Royapettah Hospital to undergo further examination. Around 8.

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