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However, as many of our website viewers pointed out in their e mails to me, those who did see the story wanted to know more about it. Very briefly: the Whangers used specialized photography and UV scanning to increase the contrast of the Shroud image and apparently made visible many subtle images not usually seen with the naked eye. In particular were many plants and flowers and they eventually identified 28 different types. Danin, Israel's leading botanist, reviewed and verified the Whangers' conclusions and went on to identify several additional images he believed were also plants from Israel. This lends credibility to other research that identified certain pollen samples taken from the Shroud as being from plants found only in Israel. This is only the briefest overview of the research.

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As it turned out she took the rest of the year off 8 months and then retired. The entire resource program went belly up that My sons special ed teacher left one month into his 3rd grade year on a family leave. She said she didnt know how long she would be gone and as a result the district made subs available on some days. As it turned out she took the rest of the year off 8 months and then retired. The entire resource program went belly up that year. My son lost much of resource time as subs, when they were there, were not up to speed on individual IEPs. The next year the resource teacher failed to provide the hours my son was entitled to and eventually the district moved her to another school, shoveling her under the low performing school carpet. The year after that the district didnt meet my sons goals by using a para instead of a credential sped teacher to meet instructional IEP goals. Again the district did nothing except return some compensatory hours months after my son needed them. These things happen because it is so difficult to remove teachers. I provide this as an example of how union contracts provide benefits for teachers that are injurious to students.

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I was very tempted to just go crazy and sing these funny mother parodies Ive been writing lately. But I was too chicken. Also, I had a feeling that maybe I was supposed to share something more helpful. So I came up with the top ten pieces of advice Ive had on parenting: the advice which actually worked. When I get up to speak and work only from an outline like I did this time, I never actually know what is going to come out of my mouth and worse never exactly remember later what I said. Because I have reading glass issues, Im not even sure I actually read what was on those few notes.

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What ensued was one of the most devastating riots in American history. An event that can only be characterized as terrorism. Before dawn, a mob of angry white men stormed into Greenwood armed with guns, some provided by local officers who also participated in the riot. Hundreds of businesses and homes were ransacked and set afire. Black men, some who served in World War I, rallied together and armed themselves, ready to fight for their families and community. Whites indiscriminately shot and killed men, women, and children on foot and by car. As the number of casualties on both sides escalated, airplanes used in World War I were dispatched, firing rifles at residents and dropping fire bombs on the black community. Outnumbered and outgunned, the riot grew worse for black Tulsans. Countless families began to flee after being trapped between rampant flames and gunfire. By the end of the attack, close to 300 blacks were murdered, while many others were left injured, homeless and held in internment camps by local law enforcement. By 1942, remaining black Tulsans rebuilt Greenwood without any assistance from the state and saw a resurgence of over 240 businesses.

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And performance will be of poor quality !Thats absolutely certain. So, the one who does not or cannot govern his/her time always cuts a poor figure. For sure, people do not hold him/her in high esteem. All told, its the same yardstick for one and all. Therefore, time should be on our side and that at all costs. In short, time is money. Time is respect as well as success !SHARING AND EMPTYING OUT TO HELP OTHERSBut why am I philosophizing ?Definitely not to lecture or give private lessons. Nor to act as a guru. Far from those concerns !Verily I believe in the age old philosophy of sharing, giving and helping. By sharing, I mean ideas, values, information, concerns, beliefs, experiences, responsibility and a whole host of other things. And that with the sole purpose of helping people.

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