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Weve seen them at work since and a peek into the window this week shows the hibachi tables are in place and work is progressing. But when will they open?Luckily, the wooden boards on their door have turned into a message board between customers and management:This International Food Store replaced a florist at 1703 Sheepshead Bay Road. The owners were very friendly, and very insistent that we try their Eastern European foods. And Jumpin Bean, a long awaited Mexican restaurant that was set to open just as Sandys waves rolled through the 3081 Emmons Avenue storefront, is now open and serving up tacos, burritos and fajitas. The Amberjack V Pier 10, Emmons Avenue also opened recently, turning a former dinner cruise boat into a full fledged dockside restaurant. Try the octopus salad!All that being said, there are still a number of empty storefronts. Many of them, like the set below, have simply moved elsewhere in the neighborhood. Here are a few of those:And the bunch on this corner below are pretty much all open, but have moved elsewhere or are in the process of moving elsewhere as the landlord seeks to redevelop the property. Most have simply moved down the block. It does not appear any work has been done at Top Brgr 2267 Emmons Avenue since the storm. Where will I get my fried oreos?!Mambo Sushi 2005 Emmons Avenue is also not coming back.

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As John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems, commented, In an increasingly networked world, supply chain risk management is top of mind in global organizations as well as a key differentiator for leading value chain organizations. Just nine years ago, Cisco coped with disasters the same way most companies do: with difficulty. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the United States in 2005, Cisco executives created a business continuity planning dashboard to mitigate risks, but the dashboard only helped them to respond to the disaster as it occurred. The company could not maintain supply chain performance levels to cope with the sudden surge in orders for $1 billion of new equipment to replace telecommunications infrastructure damaged by the storm. Despite their best efforts, Cisco teams could not locate all of their products in their supply chain or understand the financial impact of these emergency sales. Yet just six years later, when the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011 struck, Cisco was prepared. Although that disaster represented one of the largest disruptions to global supply chains in modern history, with total economic losses of at least $217 billion, Cisco suffered almost no revenue loss from it. In just 12 hours, Cisco risk managers identified all of their suppliers in the region from tier 1 suppliers to suppliers of raw materials and assessed the impact of the disaster on more than 300 suppliers, listed more than 7,000 affected parts by number, assigned a risk rating to each part and charted a mitigation response. That same day, the Cisco risk managers selected which customer teams were best positioned to communicate with customers and fielded 118 inquiries. By the time March 11, 2011, drew to a close, Cisco had deployed a very solid supply chain resiliency program that addressed the impact of external vulnerabilities stemming directly from the tsunami as well as from the aftereffects it caused to the supply chain. What had Cisco learned over the intervening six years that enabled the company to withstand a disruption that shook the supply chains of dozens of other world class global companies?Based on what we have observed at Cisco and on the results of a global survey of 1,403 supply chain managers working in 69 countries, we think Cisco succeeded by executing a five step process that it started shortly after Hurricane Katrina:Cisco executives first identified the competitive priorities for particular product categories and then tried to match those priorities with its supply chain capabilities.

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Open Access News BlogOpen Access News Bloghe main purpose of the blog is to gather and disseminate news about the open access movement, and to harness the energy and knowledge of a wide group of contributors in doing so. If you are interested in the open access movement then this is the blog to place in your news aggregator. This has been added to Academic Resources 2004 05 Internet MiniGuide. Internet Public Library: PathfindersThis guide provides a number of resources to help make decisions about digitizing a collection. There are both print based and Internet based resources that provide information about scanning, preservation, This is a rapidly developing area of technology that continues to change every few years. " There are six books cited and reviewed, a tutorial, several background papers, a glossary, More miscellaneous and specialized relevant information is also touched on in this brief, but comprehensive site. 1588 Welsh Bible Now Onlinene of the most important books ever published in Welsh has been digitized and is now available on the National Library of Wales' Web site . The 1588 Bible, translated by Bishop William Morgan, contains 1,110 pages and is the first complete Welsh language version of the Bible. Its printing produced a far reaching effect on Wales and its citizens, and proved instrumental in the establishment of loyalty to the Protestant Church of England in Wales. "When the Bible was originally published it marked a revolution in the status of the Welsh language," says Lyn L wis Dafis, the library's metadata manager. "Digitization is ushering in a revolutionary period in the way the library works today and it's only fitting that a volume of such immense influence should also be part of this new revolution" In addition to the 1588 Bible, the library has digitized "A Bible for Wales" by Dr.

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The report will act as a guide to how the candidate has addressed examiners comments, and will direct examiners to the appropriate sections. The outcome types, time limits for changes and report lengths for each of the research degrees are summarised in the tables below. Examiners do not have the option of recommending an outcome of outright fail on the first attempt for MLitt / MScRes examinations. Students not passing the examination at the first attempt will be entitled to a second attempt. The maximum number of terms extension permitted for DPhil students is six terms. Applications for extensions which would take you beyond six terms of extension will not be granted without both the full support of your supervisors, college and department/faculty, and in addition, special dispensation from the Examination Regulations agreed by the University Education Committee. Such applications should be made through your Graduate Studies Assistant. The maximum number of terms extension permitted for Master of Letters and Master of Science by research students is three terms. Students will not need to submit a hardbound copy of their DPhil thesis to the Examination Schools in order to graduate, following being granted leave to supplicate, during the 2020/21 academic year. This also includes any students who were unable to submit a hardbound copy due to COVID 19 social distancing measures in the 2019/20 academic year. However, all candidates will still need to submit an electronic copy to the Oxford University Research Archive ORA a minimum of five working days prior to their graduation date.

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