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etc. in adulthood for purely physical reasons. Another absurdity is to claim that anyone who is diagnosed with certain medical conditions must have an underlying abuse trauma history. If they say they don't, they must have simply repressed the memories of the traumatic events and are basically living in denial. And people who deny the links between these illnesses and child abuse are simply out to deny the harm child abuse causes. This is another dangerous slippery slope.

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It is unknown how many other millions of processes are involved with this gland but it does communicate with the hypothalmus and other glands in the brain. It is hypothesized the hypervigilante states of fear in child abuse victims cause them to not route memories and feelings through the AMYGDALA Gland which helps hide the memories of the abuse somewhere else in the brain so these memories do not go into long term storeage. I have been a counselor at a public Family Violence/Sexual Assault center for 17 years. My collegues and I have always found a very significant number of adults clients in therapy for childhood trauma that have reported diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue syndrome. As many as one fourth of our clients at times, in a large metro area have this disease. Therefore, we believed long ago that there was a relationship between this disease and childhood traumas. It is also explains why there are more females with this disease: More females experience long term molestion and repeated molestations in childhood. Several studies have found that children who were raped and taken to hospitals for treatment do not remember the events later in life. Therefore, some people may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from childabuse incidents that they do not remember. Our society has a large network of individuals who want to deny the severity of the repercussions of childabuse, so perhaps this is where the resistence to believing this study's validity orignates. 2009 IACFS/ME conference Submitted by Erik Johnson on March 22, 2009 8:11am.

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Some caregivers may not grant permission for photographs to be taken of the individual, in which case you will need to identify a way to distinguish which campers can have their picture taken and which campers cannot have their picture taken. The use of a silicone wrist band may be helpful. However more and more camps are not giving parents this option and just informing parents that pictures will be taken for camp use, and that permission will be secured if the image will be used for promotional purposes. The camp could have a group page on Facebook with selected photos included on this page; however, written parental permission should be secured from all minors including counselors under the age of 19, and we would recommend that no names be associated with the photographs. Finally, we recommend that you add to your camp newsletters a statement summarizing your photography policies and procedures, informing parents and campers that the privacy of others should be observed ie. not everyone wants their picture taken, nor do they want it on Facebook, and that though precautions are taken, the camp cannot monitor all campers photography use. To audit these policies, the camp should monitor Facebook pages of their counselors on occasion. 9dQ: Today young people use social media for communication and community building. How can we use social media to engage our young people and still demonstrate care, accountability, and integrity?A: We get it!Very few, if any young person will want you to copy their parent on your emails and text messages. Many young people do not have their parents as a friend on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, this is an area of increased risk.

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2nd print. The Guinea Pig that wanted a Tail / text by Mrs. A. R. Osborn, illustrated by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. Whitcombe and Tombs, Melbourne, , 32p. 12th print. Fuzzy, Wuzzy, and Buzzy / text by Mrs. A. R. Osborn,illustrated by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite.

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