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The information given to pupils is so detailed that earlier this year a teenager disclosed a forthcoming question for an A level law exam on an internet bulletin board after his teacher had a meeting with an examiner. One whistle blower, an examiner for one of the main exam boards, said the cause of the rot, ultimately, is competition between exam boards. The heads of the countrys main exam boards will be questioned by MPs today over the growing scandal in the examinations system after disclosures by The Daily Telegraph last week. This newspaper reported that teachers were paying up to 230 a day to attend seminars with chief examiners, who advise them on exam questions and the wording pupils should use to get higher marks. Another, Steph Warren, the chief examiner for Edexcel GCSE Geography, told an undercover reporter considering taking the companys tests you dont have to teach a lot and there is a lot less for pupils to learn than with rival courses. The exam boards are expected to claim today that these examiners spoke out of turn and there is no evidence of widespread wrongdoing.

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Youll have to be careful when you use these though as they are often one way trips, and thats the biggest problem with Stormlord. Progress through the levels involves a lot of trial and error, and if you make the wrong move, youll sometimes have to start all over again. Grrr!Its also necessary to retrace your steps quite a bit here, which is part and parcel of arcade adventures really, but given this games difficulty and the fact that the enemies respawn, this doesnt assist progress very much. Indeed, I had this game for my Mega Drive for many years, and I could never get any further than the third level!That said, I did enjoy the game for the most part and its presentation is superb throughout. The soundtrack is fairly atmospheric and the effects are great including an amusing wolf whistle when you touch the woman shaped scenery. Likewise, the graphics are well defined and really nice while they last too. Theres not a huge amount of variety, while the level layouts do change substantially, getting increasingly harder and more complicated as you might expect, there are just two different sets of scenery graphics for example the enchanted forest and the fiery castle you can see in the screen shots. All of the sprites are very nicely drawn too especially the sexy fairies hee hee!but feature very little in the way of animation, even Stormlord himself. His posture doesnt change when jumping or doing anything, and he moves rather stiffly, even when he dies!If he suffers a glancing blow hell just growl and carry on with the task at hand, but direct contact with any enemy or trap results in him crumbling to a pile of bones on the floor. Fortunately, he controls nicely enough, though the game is hard enough without those kinds of problems!Its a real shame Stormlord is so tough too. It looks nice, has some good features, and I like its fantasy setting; its just too difficult.

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It then cruises past large sandy beaches that match the best of Devon and Cornwall. Finally as a dramatic end it follows a loch with a quintessentially Scottish ruined castle on an island. The weather might not always be warm sunshine up here but that adds to the drama and experience!The route starts just north of Ullapool and starts by turning off the main road at Drumrunie and take in the road to Achnahaird, this is a swooping rollercoaster of a road with views of Stac Pollaidh and its mountain neighbours. Traffic can be annoying here in mid summer but on a quiet day you can fly along. From the end of Loch Bad a Ghaill take the right hand fork and follow the coastal road north to Lochinver, this section offers more great mountain views before passing what feels like prehistoric landscapes with stunted wind blown tress and exposed rock combined with no sign of humans bar a smelly fish farm and the odd caravan park signposted. From the metropolis of Lochinver take the road north again up towards Stoer, more quiet singletrack road sections but a few more houses along here which doesnt take anything away. This section was bleak in the rainstorm we had but still amazing to ride through. You can detour to the Stoer headland with the sea stacks on display. Otherwise take the road east past the delightfully named Clashnessie, theres two cafes and a soap/perfume shop in Drumbeg that fit well for a rest stop. Then its a right hand turn south, rejoining the bigger road from Newton to Inchnadamph, not that it gets busy still!It goes past the appropriately named Ardvreck Castle on the beautiful loch Assynt. Following the road past more cliff outcrops, spot Quinag, Carnisp, Sulven and other iconic Scottish mountains and watch soaring buzzards or if your luckily one of the 8 breeding Golden eagles in the area all a thoroughly delightful way to end the ride.

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