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c. Over time what would the new long run equilibrium price be above, below or equal to the short run equilibrium price in part a above explain. Are there any changes in profits in the long run?Hint: over time fixed costs are likely to rise. Surge pricing occurs when the supply and demand for Uber vehicles becomes unbalanced, for example, due to inclement weather, a public holiday such as New Years Eve or some other event public transport failure, terrorist attack, . Supply is low who wants to drive in a snow storm?. However, demand is high how do I get home when the rail network is down?. So, by raising the price sometimes very substantially, Uber aims to encourage more drivers to pick up passengers and to ration the available supply to the customers who value the service the most. The result is a New Year filled with negative Uber articles, both in Australia and overseas. In the Harvard Business Review, Utpal Dholakia suggests that the near universal dislike of surge pricing is due to a lack of transparency and customers' lack of understanding about its benefits. He suggests education and transparency.

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This paper presents a participatory approach to developing a course quality rubric and designing a review process at the individual course level and the programmatic level. Debra Burrington Rae Denise Madison Alexa Schmitt The purpose of this research study was to explore dissertation chair experiences and current practices for meeting with and providing feedback to doctoral students pursuing a scholar practitioner terminal degree in an online doctoral program. A qualitative methodology using an exploratory design was employed to interview 11 participants using semi structured interviews. The findings included the importance of providing frequent feedback through various modes of communication, emphasizing a tailored approach to the students' needs. Timely, thorough feedback was supported, stressing effectiveness and relevancy, which was most commonly achieved through one on one communication. Additional considerations focused on trust building and caring behaviors; individualized coaching and guidance; and balancing institutional requirements and student needs.

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Feeling rather cheated at this point, I started to question the validity of even my own course. Had I paid money for a bad course?Is my certification even legitimate?Fears threatened to overwhelm me and fill me with anger. But what Ive realized, is that in the health industry especially the natural health industry, or any industry to be honest, there are fads, there are beliefs, and there are major systems. And we share whatever information that we think is useful. The lecture for my nutrition course did not stand to gain anything by giving me the links to the psych k website. They did not make money, or gain brownie points. And as far as I know from looking at all these facilitators of workshops, they did not seem to make money from advertising books or links. They seemed to genuinely believe what they were practicing, and perhaps because the psych k website gave them a really easy platform to set up their services as opposed to developing their own websites, which means finding their own audiences and stuff they prefer to work under the umbrella of the psych k site. Where the downfall lies, is the obvious image that this site portrays to the critical viewer. It looks completely like a too good to be true marketing scam, promising people absolute enlightenment and radically changing their lives. And such is exactly what nay sayers have shouted.

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Retrieved from erriam, S. B. 1998. Qualitative research and case study applications in education 2nd ed. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass. Miles, S. , Yanes, M. , and Casebeer, C. 2009. Perceptions of distance learning among faculty of a college of education.

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Bassist Larry Ridley and drummer Don Lamond were the house rhythm section, playing trio with each guest star. When Green takes on Oleo and Sonnymoon for Two, the aesthetic isnt far from the 1961 Blue Note dates Green Street and Standards a. k. a. Remembering, which found him in a highly exposed role, playing taut single note lines, and chords very selectively or not at all, making his unadorned, straight into the amp tone the main focus. In that same vein, Green achieves a forceful, jewel like clarity in his solo intro to Untitled Blues, a moment on Funk in France that might be without parallel in his catalog. The solo intro and outro on I Wish You Love almost rises to that level, though the tune itself, with Kessel comping, is a muddleGreen and the others cant seem to agree on the form. The last four cuts on Funk in France are of lesser sound quality. They capture Green at the Antibes festival a year later, on two different days, playing vamp based material with tenor saxophonist Claude Bartee, organist Clarence Palmer and drummer Billy Wilson. Green is by far the most compelling presence in this somewhat unsteady quartet. They play Upshot and Hurt So Bad the latter a Little Anthony and the Imperials cover, both from Carryin On.

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