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They are not the same as our feelings, religion, the law, cultural norms, science, or values. Ethics are important because they provide structure and stabilization for society. Business ethics are about applying the virtues and discipline of ethics to business behavior. They set the standard for how your business is conducted and define the value system of how you operate in the marketplace and within your business. Companies that outbehave the competition ethically tend to outperform them financially. Ethical behavior in business improves the workplace climate and will ultimately improve the bottom line.

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com/Ta3nq06sI7What we are witnessing in the protests spreading across Iran during the past ten months have been a wave launched by the largely poor and rural branches of Irans society. Setting aside those ruling the country and enjoying ties to the regime, the economic crisis engulfing Iran is having a deep impact on nearly every household. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, another reformist, had promised to realize economic prosperity following the JCPOA. However, more billions were funneled to fuel the clerical regimes support for Bashar Assad in Syria, Houthi militias in Yemen, the Lebanese Hezbollah, sectarian militias in Iraq, further development of ballistic missiles and the list goes on. More reason why over 140 cities erupted in major revolt back in December 2017, far before Trump imposed sanctions. It is quite telling that from that turn of events, the clerical regimes bubble of enjoying the support of the lower, dispossessed class in Iran, has burst. All the while, Irans middle class or whatever is left of it as 80 percent of the population lives in poverty is also seen taking to the streets and expressing their anger very publicly on the fact that this regime has failed to deliver socially and economically. With Iran's regime suffering from a variety of crises, the ongoing protests and strikes are lesser discussed in the media. My @AlArabiya Eng take digs into the highly important IranProtests. J1pb68F15Irans regime has been known to quell public dissent for forty years. The significant factor in this round of ongoing protests is the organized nature of such movements, seen most recently in the truck drivers nationwide strike that has now entered its third week and spreading to over 310 cities.

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Inventing for kids can reward more than bank accounts. For instance, Ralph Baer, known as the "Father of Video Games" for inventing the first video game console, was awarded a National Medal of Technology by President Bush in 2006 . So which inventions for kids landed in our top five?Read on to find out. Starting our list of inventions with a bang or a pop, at least is the toy balloon. Blow one up and bop it around or fill one with helium and watch it fly. You could make a strong case that balloons, at just a few cents apiece, provide the highest fun to cost ratio on the planet. Although toy balloons have been made from latex since the early 19th century, the first toy balloons were made of something a little harder to stomach animal intestines. After cleaning them out and stretching them, they could be filled with air, just like the balloons you buy at the store. In fact, the Aztecs even created balloon shaped like animals this way as part of certain religious ceremonies . Thankfully, manipulating animal entrails is no longer a part of the balloon making process. Instead, balloon molds are dipped into vats of pigmented latex and allowed to dry.

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Many non voters I met cared deeply about political issues, but there were barriers to their participation or no one had asked them to join the conversation. When I asked Davis whether she wanted to sign up to vote for the first time after all, she's concerned about over development of Maui and about her friends who have to work three jobs to pay the high rent rates here she said yes. Participate in "Convince Me to Vote!" Send messages to these five non voters I met in Hawaii and ask them to vote for the first time. Are you a first time voter?Make a public pledge to vote by uploading a photo of yourself to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag changethelist. It will show up on this auto updating photo wall, powered by Chute. Make a pledge to vote with CNN's "I'm voting" Facebook app. Research shows that if Facebook friends see you're voting, it encourages them to do so, too. Know someone in Hawaii?Share this "Mahalo for Voting!" image on social media. Send it to five of your friends and ask them to pass it on. When you graduate succesfully, you are hired to manage an account for the partner Hedge Fund. There, under the supervision of Senior Traders and Personal Mentors you will continue to learn investment techniques and strategies, exclusively developed by the fund managers and traders.

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