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Meditation plays an important role in yoga, and many western yoga establishments present the practice in a way that can help those who dont practice Hinduism. Many people in the West are attracted to yoga because of its ability to relax both the body and the mind. In addition to this, it is a great way to stay physically fit. Many people who practice yoga view it as being a great way to improve their health or enhance the function of their minds. The goal of some yoga practitioners is to achieve what is called samadhi. Samadhi is a complex mental state where a person can achieve ecstasy. The goals of those who practice yoga will vary based on their religion and background. Those who practice Hinduism believe that yoga is away of getting close to God. Buddhists believe that yoga can help individuals achieve a deeper level of wisdom. Western nations place an importance on individualism, so many people in the West will use yoga as a method for self improvement. Yoga is a very ancient practice that places an emphasis on having full control over the body and the mind.

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Citations in Economics uses CiteSeer and ParsCit algorithms in the process of identification and parsing of references. It is a service sponsored by INOMICS. Data created by Citations in Economics is not intended for direct user access. Instead, it is made available to RePEc services so that they may improve their added value to the research community. V. SUNTHARESAN, Ph. D. An Exploratory Study into Factors Affecting Achievement inEnglish among Bangladeshi College Students:An Investigation of Teachers and Students Perceptions . Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman, M. A.

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Therefore, Hotspot Shield ensures security and privacy of not only your web activity, but your sensitive data including financial transactions, SSN, passwords, downloads, emails and instant messages. It's easy to use. You just download the free VPN, run the software on your system, and you are ready to go!Original Source: ouTube is again in the news for getting suspended in Egypt for 30 days. A court ordered this suspension because YouTube has failed to remove a video showing a 14 minute trailer of an anti Islam film. YouTube is already facing a ban in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other Islamic countries because of this film. The news has come as a shock to YouTube lovers who live there or who often travel to Egypt for different reasons.

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In our new Transcultural Studies track, students focus on various cultural texts such as literature, theater, film, television, and social media in a global and multicultural context. Lastly, the Creative Writing track gives students the opportunity to hone their craft and improve their poetry or prose in close knit workshops. In each of the tracks, students work with dedicated, award winning faculty who pay close attention to the needs of each individual. Literature majors garner excellent writing and communication skills. They know how to learn, to analyze and comprehend other viewpoints, and to argue for ideas. Literature majors have a range of employment and internship opportunities.

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Since this was a transactionbetween entities under common control in accordance with Accounting Standards Codification ASC 805, BusinessCombinations, Nxt ID recognized the net assets of 3D ID at their carrying amounts in the accounts of Nxt ID on the datethat 3D ID was organized, February 14, 2011. We are an emerginggrowth company as defined in the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012, or JOBS Act. We will remain an emerging growthcompany for up to five years, or until the earliest of i the last day of the first fiscal year in which our annual gross revenueexceed $1 billion, ii the date that we become a large accelerated filer as defined in Rule 12b 2under the Exchange Act, which would occur if the market value of our common stock that is held by non affiliates exceeds $700 millionas of the last business day of our most recently completed second fiscal quarter or iii the date on which we have issued morethan $1 billion in non convertible debt during the preceding three year period. Pursuant to Section 102 of the JOBS Act, we haveprovided reduced executive compensation disclosure and have omitted a compensation discussion and analysis from this prospectus. Pursuant to Section 107 of the JOBS Act, we have elected to utilize the extended transition period provided in Section 7a2Bof the Securities Act for complying with new or revised accounting standards. The following table summarizesthe relevant historical financial data for our business and should be read together with the information in the section titled"Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations" and our financial statementsand related notes, which are included in this prospectus. An investment in oursecurities involves a high degree of risk and should not be purchased by anyone who cannot afford to lose their entire investment. You should consider carefully the material risks set forth in this section, together with the other information contained in thisprospectus, before making a decision to invest in our securities. Our business, operating results and financial condition couldbe seriously harmed and you could lose your entire investment by the occurrence of any of the following material risks. We are uncertain of our ability to continueas a going concern, indicating the possibility that we may not be able to operate in the future. To date, we have completedonly the initial stages of our business plan and we can provide no assurance that we will be able to generate a sufficient amountof revenue, if at all, from our business in order to achieve profitability.

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