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The persons who have learnt a foreign or second language through this method find it difficult to give up the habit of first thinking in their mother tongue and then translating their ideas into the second language. They, therefore, fail to get proficiency in the second language approximating that in the first language. The method, therefore, suffers from certain weaknesses for which there is no remedy. Teachers are just guides because grammar Translation deals with the memorization of rules, manipulation of the morphology and syntax of the foreign language. It requires few specialized skills on the part of teachers because test of grammar rules and translation are easy to construct and be objectively scored. The facilitator main function is that of observation rather than corrective intervention in regards to the learners. Students are expected to memorize endless lists of grammar rules and vocabulary, and produce almost perfect translations. This method means a tedious experience and often creates frustration for students. Main activities and controls are stated by the students, he or she is the one who provides the course of the learning process and the status of knowledge as well. Collaborative work is of s great importance, a real cooperative behavior from the learner, is required for the lessons. The Grammar Translation Method was developed for the study of dead languages and to facilitate access to those languages classical literature.

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A. Schwartz, and Q. X. Sang 2013 Mercaptosulfonamide matrix metalloproteinaseinhibitors as tools in models of human disease. The 3rd Annual FSU LifeSciences Symposium, Feb. 14 15, 2013. Page 14. Tallahassee, Florida. Posterpresentation. 144. K.

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It is essential for you to realize that professional does not guarantee a visa. Despite this his/her assistance proves indispensable to stay protected against several problems. Sevenseasedutech. in is the one stop solution to meet all your immigration needs in an expert way. Our skills are best to rely upon because we do only not help in an expert way but also save quality time for other preparations. Your career actually begins with selection of university/collage or courses. It is an important decision. You will require to search out the list of universities and colleges that match your preference. Consider what nation you want to study in. Much of the choice to study overseas is more about the social and cultural experience you are likely to have in your target than it is about classroom considerations. Studying in abroad is very diverse from studying in own country.

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