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Austin Lefevre, of Carmel based firm Tenji Inc. , assembles parts for Cabrillo High School's new Interactive Tide Pool Project in March, near a faux rock panel. The unveiling was canceled due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Texas AandM International University's College of Nursing and Health Sciences' Dr. F. M.

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Those are the ones Im most interested inthe student in a small midwestern town who wants to help his classmates understand why folks are chanting Black Lives Matter; the student whos seeking more context after being assigned Ta Nehisi Coatess Between the World and Me; the student who explained to me that she is chairing a committee on her New England campus that is focused on racial reconciliation. So, every few days, I put aside time to do this work that probably doesnt count to the people who assess my scholarly productivity. It isnt a conference paper or a peer reviewed journal essay or a scholarly monograph. Its labor that is invisible except to those eager to be as woke as those students who have been protesting; and its labor that keeps me mindful of what role I can play right now as students of color and their white counterparts learn to understand one another in and out of the classroom. This imbalancethis extra burden on minority facultyhas ever been thus. Women of color, for example, tend to take on more service than their male counterparts.

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