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Given the changes Kelly and I discussed, obviously the title will change!And PLEASE excuse the dreadfulness of the production: Im a writer not a designer!Kelly and I also decided to keep well away from it being an exercise book happy with that!and not just explain how to create the four different types of sentence, but that I also explain WHY any type of sentence might be chosen, and the effect it will have on the reader. Now were venturing into my other classes Writing Genre and Advanced Writing Skills which Im more than happy about. My research mission now is to make sure that all the sentence components fit naturally into foody analogies. Surely that means Ill have to do a fair amount of eating over summer to inspire ideas. Imagine my horror at the idea of trawling recipe websites, eating food and thinking about sentences. What a way to spend the summer!How I shall miss the marking.

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I live outside Calgary on an acreage close to Bragg Creek I had some very old peat moss that is rock hard how can I soften it and how moist should it be?Please help as I am excited to but things together!Hi just join into this discussion for a minute of funI was recently told about an old Doukabor method of storing veggies. Apparently because of the earths thermal energy, near to the ground always remains at zero. So even if it is far colder above ground, ground level is zero. So if one builds a box and digs a 1 to 2 foot deep space at the bottom of the box, now it gets a few degrees warmer. Now put down a layer of hay and start to layer veggies and hay. This is n old fashioned method and supposed to work, although I havent tried it.

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Open Access News BlogOpen Access News Bloghe main purpose of the blog is to gather and disseminate news about the open access movement, and to harness the energy and knowledge of a wide group of contributors in doing so. If you are interested in the open access movement then this is the blog to place in your news aggregator. This has been added to Academic Resources 2004 05 Internet MiniGuide. Internet Public Library: PathfindersThis guide provides a number of resources to help make decisions about digitizing a collection. There are both print based and Internet based resources that provide information about scanning, preservation, This is a rapidly developing area of technology that continues to change every few years. " There are six books cited and reviewed, a tutorial, several background papers, a glossary, More miscellaneous and specialized relevant information is also touched on in this brief, but comprehensive site. 1588 Welsh Bible Now Onlinene of the most important books ever published in Welsh has been digitized and is now available on the National Library of Wales' Web site . The 1588 Bible, translated by Bishop William Morgan, contains 1,110 pages and is the first complete Welsh language version of the Bible. Its printing produced a far reaching effect on Wales and its citizens, and proved instrumental in the establishment of loyalty to the Protestant Church of England in Wales. "When the Bible was originally published it marked a revolution in the status of the Welsh language," says Lyn L wis Dafis, the library's metadata manager. "Digitization is ushering in a revolutionary period in the way the library works today and it's only fitting that a volume of such immense influence should also be part of this new revolution" In addition to the 1588 Bible, the library has digitized "A Bible for Wales" by Dr.

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