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There is evidence that, 7,000 years ago or more, Neolithic medical practitioners such as they were performed the technique, perhaps to release evil spirits from the afflicted. During medieval times, physicians did the job to restore the balance of the body's four humors. Trepanation, in which a hole is drilled through the skull to expose the brain, was a widespread practice in the ancient world. It has been performed, since prehistoric times, to treat such conditions as mental illness, seizures, migraines and head wounds. Had trepanation been performed on a patient such as 90 year old Irene Andre, the ancient medical practitioner would have actually been on the right track, according to Dr. Aubrey Okpaku of SouthCoast Neurosurgery, part of the Southcoast Health System. Okpaku says he used essentially the same ancient cure now called a craniotomy, but with the advantage of modern imaging techniques to tell him exactly where the blood on Irene's brain needed to be drained. Unlike the practice of ancient trepanation, however, Okpaku did not leave behind a large open hole in his patient's skull or keep the removed piece of bone as a charm against evil spirits. Though nobody would ordinarily think to compare the highly developed 21st century skills of Okpaku to his ancient predecessors, he himself did in Irene Andre's case. Okpaku has a distinguished history of high tech surgeries to his credit. Before coming to the Southcoast , he was part of the surgical team at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, N.

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Just a few decades ago it was believed that the down side to telescopic sites was that they were not reliable or rugged enough. It is true that generations ago "scopes" did not stand up well to weather conditions as the clarity was affected. They did not stand up well to much impact of a rough terrain or to the snagging of getting caught up in thick bush. These down sides of years ago are no longer true. Scopes have become just as sturdy, if not even more so, as the aperture peep sites. Modern scopes are dependable tools that can withstand knocks and snagging and can be trusted to maintain their accuracy or to remain in "zero".

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Offline and Online reading option10. Books in 114 languages of the worldDon't forget to give suggestions as they motivate us towards improvement so that we can provide you the stunning new android apps. Totally wasted time writing articles. Never reviewed or published!Wrote several messages and didn't get any responce's. I can remember that when I was a lot younger, I used to look forward to shopping for my new set of school supplies. I kept reminding my parents to set a date with me to visit the bookstore or the malls. There were a lot of tv ads that featured interesting stuff that I could use for school. Now that I am a parent myself, I know how difficult such times of the year are for parents on a fixed budget. A fancy pencil case that I wanted is much more expensive than the basic pencil case that would have done just as well. Cute note books and note pads were just a waste of money when I could have gotten the simple ones. Children don't always understand the value of hard earned money.

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If youve got judges that are concerned with the amount of revenue thats coming in versus being concerned with reaching the right result in the case, thats a fatal error. Even the Arizona Office of the Courts is cognizant that there is at least a danger that cities can lean on their courts to be moneymakers, especially in light of the Justice Departments findings in Ferguson. Fair Justice for All, a special task force created last year by Scott Bales, chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, warned that:Courts are not revenue generating centers. While courts do collect monies in the form of restitution, fines, and fees, the purpose of courts is to administer justicenot produce revenue for governmental use. The Justice for All committee examined the breakdown of the judicial system in Ferguson and developed reforms to prevent the same things from happening in Arizona cities. Its recommendations focused primarily on alternatives to punitive debt collection tools, such as arrest warrants, rather than revenue raising pressures on city judges.

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The only time you wont dream is if youre snoring!So if you hear rather loud snores coming from your parents room, you know theyre definitely not dreaming. When you are dreaming, your brain waves are super active. They charge around like crazy, even more so than during the day when youre awake. If you struggle to remember dreams then you need to write them down quickly. Five minutes after a dream, youve already forgotten half of it, and ten minutes later you would only remember 10% of the dream. Did you know that you can dream in black and white and color?Only about 12% of people dream in black and white and the rest of us in color. Interesting stuff. A new invention could be coming our way soon. The Japanese have developed a technology that might be able to put your dreams onto a screen. Thats crazy. Can you imagine watching your dreams like a TV show?Thats probably a good way to remember them.

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