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Desire2Learn was founded in 1999 and provides a virtual learning environment course management. Blackboard took off shortly after in 2000, and is used in many institutions as course management and is a key tool for instructors. The use of e learning is becoming more apparent as university and education are becoming more accessible to students in rural areas. Attending accredited post secondary institutions no longer requires the learner to move to an urban centre, but students can travel and experience the sights of locations all around the world. As we move further into the Information Age, e learning is becoming more prevalent and programs are being developed to streamline and enhance the learning experience. Often students choose to use this method because they can work at their own pace, they can take as many or as few classes as they wish, and they can study when they have the time.

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Because it was free and easily accessible, participants said they took advantage of the offerings to safeguard their health where they would not have otherwise. As one can see, the outreach to families is so important. The Community Food Pantry started 9 years ago just to put a meal on the table. Today they take steps to provide regular nutrition to children, encourage individuals to have regular screenings, and offer opportunities for the community to safeguard their health by taking preventative steps. Hunger and good health are mutually exclusive. For these reasons, the Community Food Pantry continues to reach out. Founded in 2012, Crossroads For Florida Kids, Inc. Crossroads is a nonprofit that provides pro bono representation for children and young adults in foster care, and other poor youths in Hillsborough County. Florida is one of only ten states that do not provide attorneys for children in foster care. kids who were abused, neglected or abandoned by their parents or guardian. After advice and counsel, we represent the express interest what they want of our young clients, both in dependency court and out in the community.

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