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For a while it seemed as if she had just sprung into existence and had no history beyond her claims of assault. "Still, Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona crimes prosecutor who questioned Dr. Blasey at last week's hearing, seemed to know to ask her about whether she had ever advised anyone about taking a polygraph test. "So it's very likely the Republicans knew in advance of Mr Merrick's statement but chose to withhold it. Given their criticism of Democrats' conduct about Dr Ford's statement they seem a little hypocritical. Sen.

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academyoflearning. comAt Academy of Learning College, our professionally designed Microsoft Office Training program prepares students to join the workforce at a skilled level. Skilled Office Administration Specialists are better prepared to advance to their chosen career areas in todays business environment. Nnyman. comIf Word doesnt have enough space on the page to display the comments inline, it will open up the Reviewing Pane and when doing so, close the Document Map or Split screen mode, if either is active. Support. microsoft. comLearn how to get more work done, from anywhere on any device with Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. Discover how industry professionals leverage Microsoft 365 to communicate, collaborate, and improve productivity across the team and organization. Docs. microsoft.

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"It wasn't part of my upbringing," she said of elections and politics. Eventually, she left for boarding school in a less idyllic location: "up country," as she says, near a cattle farm. Partly because of the distance, she quit school at 16. The call of the water was too strong, and she didn't want to be "cooped up in a classroom. "She went to work as a bartender in a touristy hotel the one that's now the Westin Maui and, over the course of about a decade, got tangled up with drug abuse and the law. She came out of that experience stronger, she said, and more confident. When she left rehab, she took up a new aquatic hobby: surfing. On my first night in Honolulu, a surprisingly tall, dense city of computer server looking buildings backed by misty mountains, I met with a group called Kanu Hawaii. Kanu, which means "to plant" in Hawaiian, was founded about five years ago by a group of about 40 young people. They'd read a 1970s book called "Hawaii 2000. " That year had come and gone, and modern Hawaii with its traffic, poverty and low civic engagement looked nothing like the island paradise outlined there.

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As well as video content, it doesnt take much to translate written content into audio form as well and start producing a regular podcast. You could even scrape the audio from the video created in 7. above, and use that. Podcasts can also be based on video, not just audio. So the videos you regularly publish to YouTube could easily, and quite simply, form the basis of your regular podcasts. Once you have your podcast, you can promote it via iTunes, along with other podcast aggregators, your own blog, email list and social channels, and reach brand new audiences who again would have never otherwise found you. Look for subreddits related to your niche, and post your content accordingly. Subreddits can have thousands of users. Keep the content on your own blog unique, but you could for example post the same version of the content that you have posted to article directories and/or LinkedIn Pulse. Try linking back to your site using say a recommended section at the end of your post where you link back to a couple blog posts, or link through to a page offering a suitable lead magnet. Different subreddits have different rules, so be sure youre aware of what they are and post accordingly.

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His Medicare drug plan paid nothing. "It's almost useless," said Mr. Flores, a 66 year old school bus mechanic who was interviewed at his home in La Joya, Tex. "I'm paying the premium, but not getting protection. "Millions of beneficiaries will have similar experiences, as the cost of their drugs reaches the initial coverage limit of $2,250. Like Mr. Flores, they will have to pay the full cost of each medicine until their out of pocket costs reach $3,600. At that point, Medicare coverage resumes, paying 95 percent of the cost of each prescription. On May 2, Mr. Flores paid $20 for Plavix, a blood thinner used to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, and Medicare paid $109. 62.

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