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Such deforestation has long been driven by farmers eking out a slash and burn living or loggers using new roads to cut inroads into pristine forest. But now new data appears to show that, at least for the first five years of the 21st century, big block clearings that reflect industrial deforestation have come to dominate, rather than smaller scale efforts that leave behind long, narrow swaths of cleared land. Geographer Ruth DeFries of Columbia University and her colleagues used satellite images from Landsat, along with the MODIS instrument on Aqua to analyze tree clearing in countries ringing the tropics, representing 98 percent of all remaining tropical forest. Instead of the typical "fish bone" signature of deforestation from small scale operations, large, chunky blocks of cleared land reveal a changing driver for cutting down woods: large enterprises feeding urban demand, according to a new paper published in Nature Geoscience on February 7. Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group. In fact, a statistical analysis of 41 countries revealed that forest loss rates are most closely linked with urban population growth and agricultural exports from 2000 to 2005even overall population growth was not as strong a driver. "In previous decades, deforestation was associated with planned colonization, resettlement schemes and local farmers clearing land to grow food for subsistence," DeFries says. "What we're seeing is a shift from small scale farmers driving deforestation to distant demands from urban growth, agricultural trade and exports being more important drivers. "In other words, the increasing urbanization of the developing worldas well as an ongoing increase in consumption in the developed world for products that have an impact on forests, whether furniture, shoe leather or chicken fed on soy mealis driving deforestation, rather than containing it, as populations leave rural areas to concentrate in booming cities. "One of the really striking characteristics of this century is urbanization and rapid urban growth in the developing world," DeFries says. ""People in cities need to eat.

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In emergency situations it is also difficult to identify the roles of all staff with standard methods of identification. The aim of the Colour differentiated identification labels project was to improve identification of all staff and visitors in the perioperative environment with the intended result being improved communication and safety among staff, patients and visitors. The project began in February 2018 with project leads . Perioperative Nurses Engagement With The Surgical Safety Checklist: A Focused Ethnography,Julie A. Rogers Mrs, Paul Mcleish Mr, Jan Alderman Mrs2020University of AdelaidePurpose To gain greater insight into how nurses engage with the multidisciplinary team during the surgical safety checklist process. Participants and setting Participants were a purposeful sample of eight operating room nurses.

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Grove, the Eilers and Narus researcher and editor of LegalSportsReport. com, had been focused on covering the daily fantasy sports boom and was paying only cursory attention to esports. Figuring he should catch up, he created a program to track the number of skins being bet on tournaments and tabulated their values over a few days. What he got back perplexed him. "It showed tens of thousands of dollars being bet on matches," he says. Grove tracked the site for an entire week. It showed the same thing. On Aug. 19, 2015, Grove issued a 38 page report titled "eSports Betting: It's Real, and Bigger Than You Think. " In the report, Grove told his clients: "We estimate fans will wager over a quarter of a billion dollars on the outcome of e Sports events in 2015. " That number, he added, was likely to "exceed $23 billion by 2020.

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We do this by showing teachers how to use Project Based Learning in all grade levels and subject areas. As a mission driven nonprofit organization, BIE creates, gathers, and shares high quality PBL instructional practices and products and provides highly effective services to teachers, schools, and districts. The site includes videos, planning forms, and recorded webinars that teach the finer points of PBL. Its also worth your time to study their Gold Standard PBL model, which outlines the criteria for the most rigorous and effective project based learning, and to look at their wide range of professional development opportunities. Visit BIE here. EdutopiaAlthough Edutopia doesnt focus exclusively on PBL, they have built an extensive library of articles and videos on the topic. In fact, project based learning is one of Edutopias six core strategies, so they spend lots of time looking at it from different angles, providing tools to do it well, and profiling schools that are implementing it in exemplary ways. Start exploring Edutopias PBL collection now. New Tech NetworkNew Tech is a network of around 175 U. S. and Australian schools whose curriculum is built primarily on project based learning.

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