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And here comes one of those dreaded "even if" arguments: Even if Mr. Merrick's account is factual, it elides a crucial distinction. When I read the senate question, the only relevant reason I can see why Republican senators would ask it through their proxy is to ferret out if Dr. Ford had any experience "beating" a polygraph, which might undercut the value ascribed to her taking that test. The old boyfriend seems to be describing something different. He writes that Dr. Ford "explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped McLean become familiar and less nervous about the exam. " This seems to describe something along the lines of reassuring a friend nervous about her interviews, including anxiety about the experience of taking a polygraph. It seems much more along the lines of something explaining to a nervous patient what to expect during an MRI scan to reduce their anxiety, not some sort of movie scene where the the evil mastermind explains how to beat the cops' interrogation. Were I in Dr. Ford's place, I'm very sure that an episode in which I'd calmed down an anxious friend before a job interview would be unlikely to come to mind if asked if I'd "ever given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test," and I'd feel confident and honest answering "never".

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The presentation is with an introduction and background, a description of counseling psychotherapy issues with review of literature offered with recommendations for employing integration of faith issues on spiritual disciplines. The proposal further presents intercultural counseling perspectives and spiritual issues that may impact effective guidance with discussions and analysis of balancing emotional and mental health. Pastoral counseling maintains spiritual balance from faith perspectives. Spirituality is expressed through prayers, rituals, symbols, dance and other art and representations. Prayers address themselves to every aspect of personal and community life. In prayer everything is summoned to offer praise to God.

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Looking at the ill effects of global warming, it is imperative that we are cautious about our carbon footprint and it should reflect in our choice of entertainment devices. The HDMI switch should have a power saving feature which will ensure the device goes into Standby automatically when the HDTV is switched off. These are some of the essential features you should look for while purchasing a 5 port HDMI switch. If the HDTV is located more than 25 feet away from the HD video devices, you need to consider purchasing HDTV Extender over Cat5 for your home theater setup. Finding an HDMI cable measuring more than 25 feet is a bit difficult. Also, the theoretical limitation of HDMI cable is 50 feet.

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, M. Phil. , Ph. D. Periyar UniversityDepartment of English, Salem, Tamilnadu, IndiaPapers presented in the National SeminarFood is not just a Curry: Raison de'tre of Food in Literature FDLT 2019 . Editors: Dr. V. Sangeetha, Dr. B. J. Geetha,Dr.

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For the mechanical materialist, ideas are simply an automatic reflection of material being. But in real historical processes of social transformation it is never that simple. The institutions of the old ruling class are continually trying to define the ways in which people throughout society see themselves and their relations with others. The members of the rising class at first accept these definitions as the only ones available to them: so for instance, the early medieval burghers accepted the precepts of medieval Catholicism in their totality. But the members of a rising class get involved in practical activity which cannot easily be encompassed by the old definitions. People begin to do things which the old world view says they should not. The institutions that enforce the old worldview then threaten punitive action against them. At this point two options are open. Those involved in the new forms of activity concede to the pressures on them from the old order, and the new forms of activity cease. Or they generalise their clash with the old ideology, developing out of elements of it a new total worldview, behind which they attempt to rally all those in a similar objective situation to themselves. A new system of ideas is not just a passive reflection of economic changes.

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