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The essence of medicine is embodied in the concept of professionalism. Professionalism requires the physician to serve the interests of the patient above his or her self interest. Professionalism aspires to altruism, accountability, excellence, duty, service, honor, integrity and respect for others. Accountability is required at many levels individual patients, society and the profession. Physicians are accountable to their patients for fulfilling the implied contract governing the patient/physician relationship. They are also accountable to society for addressing the health needs of the public and to their profession for adhering to medicines time honored ethical precepts. Excellence entails a conscientious effort to exceed ordinary expectations and to make a commitment to life long learning. Commitment to excellence is an acknowledged goal for all physicians. Duty is the free acceptance of a commitment to service. This commitment entails being available and responsive when on call, accepting inconvenience to meet the needs of ones patients, enduring unavoidable risks to oneself when a patients welfare is at stake, advocating the best possible care regardless of ability to pay, seeking active roles in professional organizations, and volunteering ones skills and expertise for the welfare of the community. Honor and integrity are the consistent regard for the highest standards of behaviors and the refusal to violate ones personal and professional codes.

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Australian Sony Reader owners could be next in line as Sony transfers US and Canadian Sony Reader owners to rival Kobo. Sony plans to close its North American eBook stores on March 30, promising customers a smooth transition to the Canadian based Kobo service. eBooks purchased from the Sony Reader store will be transferred to Kobo accounts, as will unused credit. Sony Reader owners will still be able to use their Sony e Ink reader to read eBooks from Kobo. While the news was announced partway through 2012, the withdrawal of Google as a local book retailing partner in January 2013 was one of the first major upsets of the year, affecting local partners Dymocks, Booktopia, the Co op and QBD, although QBD was not yet selling ebooks at the time of Googles withdrawal. This followed in March with the news that ebook distributor OverDrive would discontinue ebook sales from its Booki. sh platform in June. Over the past year, more and more people have been reading ebooks. Hardly a surprise, but after years of hand waving by enthusiasts and detractors, were finally getting to the point where we can actually measure whats going on. We can see, for example, that in 2013, Russia overtook the UK to become the worlds third largest ebook market after the US and China largely thanks to a site called LitRes, which was founded in 2006 with a stated mission to fight book piracy. Before LitRes, the only ebook market in Russia was the black market.

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Its a good site, nothing much to tell. Articlesfactory. com is a very popular website for authors. It gives clear guidelines and allows anyone to publish his/her articles. But I think, the editors of this site take a bit extra time for approval. SQUIDOO allows anyone to post article on its website. Although its a beautiful website for sharing information but its revenue sharing model is criticized by many users. Some claims to earn huge amount of money from SQUIDOO while the majority of the population makes nothing. It appears to me that SQUIDOO is a great website for webmasters, bloggers and SEO technicians but not for authors. Personally, I think, authors are much more professional and have an in depth knowledge on the subject and thus they shouldnt run after these revenue sharing models. Hubpages.

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Contraceptive sponges, diaphragms and IUDs are also associated with yeast infection. Some medications, particularly antibiotics can upset the balance because antibiotics cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria. This means that when you take a course of antibiotics for an infection, you are also affecting good bacteria throughout your body. Another medication that can increase risk of yeast infection is steroids. Some medical conditions, medical treatments and a weakened immune system can also affect the bacterial balance in your body. There is an increased risk of candida infection in diabetes, cancer and HIV/AIDS Some cancer and transplant medications can also cause increased yeast infection. Yeast infections in women cause itching, burning, soreness, pain during urination and intercourse and an odorless vaginal discharge the color and texture of cottage cheese. Yeast infections affecting the male yeast infection or thrush in men cause irritation, soreness, reddish patches and severe itching to the head and shaft of the penis. There is sometimes a slight discharge and pain during urination. A yeast infection can also be passed to a baby during birth. The baby may get some secretions from the birth canal in his mouth, causing oral thrush shortly after birth.

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