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Textual Records in Los Angeles: Orders and directives of the6594th Aerospace Test Wing, Ballistic Missile Division, 1961 65. Motion Pictures 40 reels: Staff Film Reports series, producedby the Air Research and Development Command to document technicaladvances in the development of aircraft, missiles, and weaponssystems, 1954 57. SEE ALSO 342. 12. 342. 5RECORDS OF THE AIR UNIVERSITY AIR TRAINING COMMMAND, MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, AL 1968 81Textual Records: Records of the Junior Operations Branch, JuniorProgram Division, Headquarters Air Force Reserve Officer TrainingCorps, consisting of Junior Air Force Reserve Officer TrainingCorps unit files, 1968 81.

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Literary non fiction: The fourth genre. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Nodelman, P. 1984. How picture books work. In H. Cooper Ed. APA handbook of research methods in psychology Volume 3. Washington, DC: APA Press. Barby, M.

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